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Talk about Talent

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The Talent

Dan Auerbach


Talk about talent, this man is packed with this stuff.

Before his solo album and his Grammy Award winning band, The Black Keys, Dan began his incredible musical calling recording in basements around ’97. He continues this practice to this day.  The live and unprocessed basement studio sound produced in this manner helps create the image of a humble yet talented artist, much like himself.

Born May 14, 1979, Daniel Quine Auerbach was quickly influenced as a creative musician.  Growing up in a family with a musical background certainly rocketed Dan’s drive and aptitude for melody.  It is in the simplicity of the music which makes it remarkable and catchy.  Why bother with layer upon layer of tracks when a simple recording of vocals with guitar would suffice?  This is Auerbach’s approach.  Simple yet filled with exceptionally catchy melodies.




In his younger years, Auerbach had been influenced by early musicians such as Junior Kimbrough, T-Model Ford and Robert Johnson.  Elements of each of these artists can be heard in the music Auerbach records today.  Upon closer inspection, listeners are able to conclude which out of Dan’s influences seems to outshine all others.

An entire album was recorded with Junior Kimbrough covers titled Chulahoma.

Most of Auerbach’s early works and current pieces have traces of Junior Kimbrough intertwined through them.  Both men were geniuses with their music. It can be easily predicted had the two met and possibly recorded together, they would have produced masterpieces to set in history for all time.  In essence, Dan Auerbach can be seen as the twentieth century reincarnation of Kimbrough.  The legend lives on, and Auerbach’s melodies have quickly influenced others to spread his musical roots.



The Music

Auerbach seems to be glued to his work.  In addition to his widely successful band career, Dan is equally recognized as the producer, engineer and mixer for many starting bands.   Starting in early 2000, he and Pat recorded a total of nine breathtaking albums for the Black Keys.  He recorded his solo album titled Keep it Hid in 2009, and also worked on another album- with his hip hop group Blakroc, which released a self titled album that same year.  This man is dedicated to keeping the music flowing with his rich musical personality.  Most would not guess that Auerbach is also married and recently just had a daughter; Sadie Little Auerbach, who is barely three.

This is pure dedication.  Working on so many projects along with being a husband and a dad is not an easy feat.  Auerbach certainly has music pumping through every vein to be able to do so much in such a short time.  He is devoted to making remarkable and memorable tunes.  It can be seen in each and every song produced by him.  Each one is a soaring masterpiece.


Keep it Hid (Solo Album)

Dan Auerbach’s first full length album hits your sound receptors with a wave of rich, powerful harmonies.  The opening track, Trouble Weighs a Ton, starts off the album with a slow tempo and sets the tone for the album.   The melodic guitar riffs burst with the second track, I want some more. It exudes sweetness, bitterness and nostalgia in equal measures with its mix of fuzzy distorted guitar, lyrics and the combination of the entire set.

The album was recorded in his newly built studio, Akron Analog, with help from his family and friends.  The captivating music does not leave the listener to be bored and finally it ends with a mellow exit track titled Goin Home.

  1. Trouble Weighs a Ton
  2. I Want Some More
  3. Heartbroken, In Disrepair
  4. Because I Should
  5. Whispered Words (Pretty Lies)
  6. Real Desire
  7. When the Night Comes
  8. Mean Monsoon
  9. The Prowl
  10. Keep it Hid
  11. My Last Mistake
  12. When I Left the Room
  13. Street Walkin
  14. Goin Home

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The Sound

Auberbach plays his guitar in such ways that listeners become mesmerized.  This is real music.  It’s from the soul, there is feeling and emotion.  The audience has no choice but to be captivated by the hypnotic vocals and riffs.  His guitar playing merely cannot be described by words.  Coupled with a raw and primordial voice with adaptive vocal harmonies, Dan’s guitar playing and vocals complement each other astoundingly.  There is no better match.


Dan gets his fuzzed vintage tone from amps such as:

  • Fender 1965 Twin Reverb Reissue
  • Fender Musicmaster Bass
  • Fender Super Reverb
  • Fender Quad Reverb
  • Marshall 1959HW with Marshall 8×10 Slant Cabs
  • Ampeg B12XT 2×12 Combo


  • Silvertone 1454
  • Danelectro 1956 reissue
  • 1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
  • Harmony Stratotone H47, H78 Hollowbody and Rocket
  • Gibson Les Paul
  • Ibanez SG Copy

This man loves fuzz effects:

  • Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone
  • Analogman Sunface
  • Sovtek Big Muff
  • Ibanez Standard Fuzz
  • 1960 Shin-ei fuzz pedal
  • Solasound Tonebender
  • Fulltone Soulblender and Tube Tape Echo



The coolest guy ever. Kickass guitar player, kickass lyricist, kickass songwriter, and kickass beard 



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