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Head in the Clouds

Cloud Nothings – Releases New Album

“Attack on Memory”


From their coming out album Turning On, to their latest release, Attack on Memory, the group has shown an aptitude for generating heavy riffs and catchy melodies With their aggressive yet harmonious guitar riffs and angry, half-sung, half-spoken vocals which are, most times, incomprehensible, yet Cloud Nothings have a sense of nostalgia about them. These guys would have fit in perfectly during the 90’s alternative rock scene.


Head In The Clouds – “Attack on Memory”


Although they are resonant of groups that came before them, the band manages to create their own sound, by retaining the distorted, gritty beginnings that first captivated the listeners.  The track “Separation” is reminiscent of the old songs of At the Drive-In; it begins with an daunting forcefulness which raises into a catastrophic orb of melody, keeping you on brink until the music dwindles into stillness.  The third track “Fall In” is one of the album’s melodic gems, it initiates with gentle harmonies in advance before being barraged by punchy guitar grooves and volatile cymbals. It is in songs like these that showcase the band’s potential as the 21st century Nirvana.  The Vocalist has a voice resembling Cobain’s.


Last Thoughts


Attack on Memory is a remarkable and significant release from the band. There is still room for improvement, but considering that the album preserves those pop sensibilities and dread-filled musical hooks which first introduced us to Cloud Nothings, there is plenty of good to be found here.

The band presents itself with a level of coolness that distinguishes it from its 1990s counterparts.  The Last track especially has its way of transporting you back to the 90′s, how else could a track titled “Cut You” sound both sweet yet raw with the vocal energy of the lyrics.   Cloud Nothings pave the road to Alternative Rock revival.  Great music never dies.


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Attack on Memory – Album Tracklist

  1. No Future/No Past
  2. Wasted Days
  3. Fall In
  4. Stay Useless
  5. Separation
  6. No Sentiment
  7. Our Plans
  8. Cut You


Enjoy this great album



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