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 Tame impala

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A 70′s inspired band of psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music.


This is a great band with an upbeat yet  chill mix of reverberated guitar riffs and a vocalist to match.


Tame Impala is an Australian band who got its start in early 2010 with the release of their debut album Innerspeaker.  The band name literally refers to an impala, which is a species of antelope.



The Sound

Tame Impala uses recording techniques which immerse the listeners into their own world as if the band were solely playing for them and them alone.  While listening to their music, it is as if the listeners are in an underground concert hall where the music is constantly bouncing and echoing off the walls.  The effect feels as if you are at the dead center and the band is playing around you constantly changing directions.


Tame Impala uses a lot of reverb, tremolo and echo effects.  It is literally an orgasm in your ears listening to this band.  The constant melodic and psychedelic rock vibrations fill your ears to the brink of pleasure and back.  This band will take you through a roller coaster ride of flawless fuzzed guitar riffs with soothing vocals, which turn their sound into a perfect blend of contrasting elements.  Listen, enjoy and share.  This is music to your ears.



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Band Members

Kevin Parker – Vocals, guitar

Jay Watson – drums and backing vocals

Dominic Simper – guitar and synth

Nick Allbrook – bass



Behind the Band

 The lead guitarist and vocalist, Kevin Parker is the backbone of this seriously rocking posse.  What once was a bedroom project turned into a full-fledged venture.  Parker had always tried to piece together music since childhood with tape recorders and 8-tracks and eventually mastered the trade.  He has gone through dozens of new band-mate’s in the process of forming the now renowned band.



Innerspeaker  (album)

  1. It Is Not Meant To Be
  2. Desire Be Desire Go
  3. Alter Ego
  4. Lucidity
  5. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind
  6. Solitude Is Bliss
  7. Jeremy’s Storm
  8. Expectations
  9. The Bold Arrow Of Time
  10. Runaway Houses City Clouds
  11. I Don’t Really Mind

Although Innerspeaker is a marvelous album, Tame Impala promises the next album will be much more pleasing than the former.


Is this even possible?  Innerspeaker blew the audience’s mind!  It is voted as the best “Rock” album of the year.  This is only their first album, just the tip of the iceberg.  Fans are in for a treat.



The Secret to the Low-Fi Retro Sound

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A very promising band.  These guys are certainly headed in the right direction with  music.  Certainly cannot wait for what they have in store next from this talented group of musicians.

Get a spare hour and a copy of this album.  Support great musicians.  Talented group of rockers, amazing album.


“Space around me where my soul can breathe

Off-guard body that my mind can leave

Nothing else matters I don’t care what I miss

Company’s okay

Solitude is bliss”


-Tame Impala

Solitude Is Bliss



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