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Reggae Rockers Sublime With Rome

There is good music and there is the bad.  How do you know the difference?

There couldn’t be a more perfect time for a band to find a new lead vocalist than Sublime teaming up with Rome.  And of course there could never be another band quite like Sublime.  The musical qualities and lyrics from Bradley Nowell and the crew is something from another world.  Its a bummer they didn’t get to produce more of the great music we all fell in love with.


Tracklist “Yours Truly”

  1. Panic
  2. Only
  3. Lovers Rock
  4. Murdera
  5. My World
  6. Paper Cuts
  7. PCH
  8. Same Old Situation
  9. Take It Or Leave It
  10. You Better Listen
  11. Spun
  12. Can You Feel It



Bradley, wherever you are, we miss you


Sublime with Rome manages to capture a lot of the great feelings the original band had provided.  Essentially it is 2/3 of the original ska/ reggae band members, with a new vocalist.  Rome Ramirez does a damn good job in Bradley`s place.

At first listen the audience can easily mistaken the familiar voices of the current and former vocalists.  Essentially they both share  similar vocal musical qualities.

The opening track is sweet.  It manages to capture the original qualities of the band with the quick ska and chill reggae tones.  Some of the middle tracks almost mold through and its hard to tell when one song ends and another begins.  It can be a little repetitive.  Although there are some great tracks:  “Murdera” “Same Old Situation” “Take It Or Leave It” “You Better Listen”


Final Thoughts

Yes its not your typical Sublime.  But we are all happy to be able to listen to another Sublime album.  Yes its a bit mainstream and not as edgy, but its a great start with a new vocalist.  We cant wait for another album!


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