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Vox – Little Screaming Tube

Vox AC4TV 4W 1X10

4 Watt Tube Amplifier

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Little box – BIG POWER


Vox has done such a great job with both the quality and appearance of this little amplifer it is a must have for bedroom jammers everywhere.  The settings are perfect for volume control and break-up even with your roommates in the next room.



Input and Controls

The controls are bare-bone simple, yet you will be surprised by the versatility with only three knobs.

Newbies and experts alike will find the simplicity,a perfect match for this practice amplifier.  The tone, volume and operating level lets you control the sound from crisp clear cleans to rumbling overdrive.  All with the twist of a knob.

4 Watt Tube Amplifier with input selector switch – Go from 1/10 W to 1W to 4W with a flick of a switch.  The lower power settings are perfect for quiet practice sessions which one can crank the volume and have the amplifier go into overdrive without shattering any windows or disturbing your neighbors.

One input jack and one on/ off switch.


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The Sounds

From clean to overdrive this little screamer can pull it off.  There is no clean or distortion button to select.  This all tube amplifier is controlled solely by the volume button.  The first 1/4 turn is bright cleans.  The next 2/4 is warm cleans with slight breakup, depending on your playing style.  Slight to mild overdrive in the 3/4 section and finally full on rumbling tube-screaming overdrive for the last stretch.

With the settings above vary the tone knob left to right to take your sound from bright to muddy dark.  This helps the amp become versatile in finding your unique and artist defined sound.

The amplifier is perfect for producing that warm tube melody not commonly found in digital amplifiers.  It is simply a different and unique sound only associated with tube amplifiers.  This is how all amplifiers ought to sound.  Hear it once and you will never want another digital amplifier.

The sounds capable of reproducing with this little screaming amplifier are simply limitless.


Good to Pair With

Pedals to pair with this are volume booster pedals to be able to overdrive the amp earlier and quicker.  Also an analog overdrive pedal paired with a volume booster pedal would work wonders and push this little guy past its limits to produce creamy Hendrix style fuzzed out distortion.

This amplifier also has a 16OHM line out for adding a  extension cab.  Several options include:

  • Epiphone Valve Junior 1×12 extension cab
  • Vox Night Train 1×12 extension cab
  • Jet City Amplification JCA12S 1×12 speaker cabinet
  • Orange PPC112 1×12 speaker cabinet

All four have gotten great reviews.  So it comes down to preference and personal taste for your pairing decisions.


Final Thoughts

This is the perfect practice amplifier.  Very versatile, compact and the output volume can be controlled without sacrificing overdrive capability.  Bedroom practice friendly and can be gigged with, on smaller intimate venues.  This little guy will not leave you disappointed.

9/10 – Almost perfect -> Maybe add reverb and eq



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