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What New Zealand Has Been Hiding

Cairo Knife Fight – Simple, heavy, sophisticated

Simple and Intricate.  These words best describe the music of Cairo Knife Fight.  New Zealand’s newest alternative rock band takes the rock scene by storm.  The two men have performed alongside alternative rock’s finest acts such as Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures and Queens of the Stone Age.


This Duo is Quite Different

It’s not every day that you run into a drummer who’s also a vocalist, FX synthesizer operator and did I mention LEAD vocalist.  Nick Gaffaney is a beast and the new voice of New Zealand’s alternative rock scene.  Along with Aaron Tokona, the bad@ss guitarist, loop pedal operator and second vocalist.  That’s right both members do more than just play an instrument.  It’s a two man band with a six man sound.  These two take the energy of Led Zeppelin and mix it into the serene melodies of The Black Keys to produce Kyuss like stoner rock complications.

Just watching Cairo Knife Fight perform, the audience is keenly aware that Nick and Aaron aren’t just performing for the sake of performing.  Their passion runs deep and it’s found outlets in every breathing moment.  The two are so into the music it’s as if they are in their own bubble: oblivious to everything outside of it.  Making great music and having the time of their life.  They make your soul rumble as equally as theirs.


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Drummer – Lead Vocalist

Nick Gaffaney is notorious in the New Zealand alternative rock industry.  Before forming Cairo Knife Fight, Nick has worked and recorded with jazz musicians such as Joel Haines, Jeff Henderson and The New Loungehead.  Songwriters Dimmer, Pitch Black, Leila Adu and Anika Moa.

Gaffaney has been playing drums since about age six years and claims his most influential drummer is John Bonham from Led Zeppelin.  Others Include Jim Black, Tony Williams and Riki Gooch.  Aside from his drumming Nick has released an EP called Born From the Breaking Waves which was recorded with his band The Iron Village which guitarist Aaron Tokona is also a part of.


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Mind Bending Guitarist

Aaron Tokona is one mind bending, melodic stoner riff churning guitarist.  His guitar playing is damn mesmerizing with constant melodic riffs which keeps listeners on the edge of their seats begging for more.  Tokona’s riff driven guitar work on their first EP will have you playing air guitar as you listen.  It’s freaking catchy.


The Sound

This alternative rock band is headed down the right road.  Original, hallucinatory, melodic beats run through loop pedals adding layers upon layers of sonic bliss.  The vocals of Nick have a resemblance to quite a few alternative bands such as Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Tame Impala.  This cool mixture of vocals paired with Tokona’s rumbling guitar riffs and loop stations create the captivating sounds for Cairo Knife Fight.  Their single “Origin of Slaves” has the very melodic qualities to mesmerize the audience.  It’s intricate, simple, yet complicated musical bliss.


The Music

Cairo Knife Fight EP
  1. Bigface
  2. This is Love
  3. All I Ever Wanted
  4. The Happy Couple
Cairo Knife Fight EP II
  1. The Violence of Action
  2. The Origin of Slaves
  3. The Opiate of The Living
  4. The Secrets of Sin


Last Words

You’ve been waiting for this band, you just don’t know it yet.  The 21st century Pink Floyd.


alternative rock bands, cairo knife fight, alternative music, indie bands

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