Music Download Sites: What Makes a Site Legal or Illegal?

We live in a digital age and, as a result, we can find almost anything we want—including music—online. It’s fantastic and there are millions going online to download and listen to songs each and every minute of the day. Unfortunately, while there are dozens of good music download sites available, there are also a few bad ones and it’s those bad ones which could get users into a lot of trouble. So, what makes a download site a genuine site? What are the differences between an illegal or legal site and why do you need to be cautious when downloading music? click here for more information.

P2P Sites Are Often Illegal Download Sites Because They Don’t Have Permission to Use Songs

For a decade or so, the use of peer-to-peer websites (P2P) were all the rage and they were popping up around every corner on the web, allowing people to watch movies for free and download music. However, the problem with most of those websites was that they were operating illegally simply because they didn’t have the necessary permission to share music. As you probably already know, you have to have permission or authority to share copyrighted music and P2P sites didn’t. If you wanted to know the difference between an illegal and legal download site, it comes down to permission and if they have permission to share and offer a download to their customers.

Royalty Fees and Payments to Artists

In most cases, when you listen or download a song, you have to pay a small fee for that privilege and that will make the difference between a legal music download site and an illegal one. Royalties and fees are paid to the artist or the record company or whomever owns the rights to the music being downloaded. If a site takes payment and they are sharing royalties to the artists who’ve created them, it is a legal site. If, however, a site takes payment but doesn’t share the money with the artist or offers free music downloads on current songs, it’s potentially an illegal site. for more details, visit : Download Sites: What Makes a Site Legal or Illegal?

You Need to Do Your Homework before Using Any Music Download Site

People can get into trouble by using an illegal music download site. You can’t always use the excuse you didn’t know because it doesn’t fly anymore. There have been major clampdowns on such things and people are finding they are getting charged and ending up in court over the matter. What’s more, you can get fined big bucks too and it has happened all over. When you are using any music download site, you have to ensure it’s a legal one. You have to do your research and homework over the site so that you protect yourself. It’s better than getting into trouble.

Illegal Music Download Sites Still Exist: Avoid Them

It’s sometimes frustrating to have to pay a lot of money out to download songs but remember, you’re buying those songs and like anything you purchase, you have to pay for them! It’s better to grumble about paying than getting caught downloading from an illegal site and ending up paying a hefty fine. Governments are clamping down on illegal downloads and it’s really something every user has to be aware of when downloading music online. Ensure you’re downloading music from a legal site.…